Anna Hryniewicz’  abstract painting

recent solo exhibition 

Ranelagh Art Centre, Dublin 6

Guest speaker Eamon Colman

Anna Hryniewicz solo show opening by Eamon Colman

Anna Hryniewicz with Eamon Colman opening her exhibition in Ranelagh Arts, Dublin 26.04.


Anna and studio

Anna Hryniewicz draws us into her colour fields by her vigorous, dramatic and energetic painting. I want to live in these colourscapes - whether they be landscape, mindscape, or heartscape. Once we had to travel to immerse ourselves in the experience of other visual art traditions; now the vibrancy of other traditions comes to us in the guise of an incoming generation of artists from other parts of the globe. Anna Hryniewicz is part of this new force which will invigorate and augment visual art culture on this island, in particular the practice of abstract painting. 

                                                                                       Paula Meehan

Anna Hryniewicz on Rua Red Winter Show opening 2015

           Anna Hryniewicz on RUA RED Winter Show opening 2015

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