Artist statement:

I create art that resonates with my life and I hope it brings emotional experience that others will  recognise in their own existence. As I struggle with life’s difficulties, loss, and defining who I am in the world I try to capture moments in time. This is how I feel the real beauty and flavour of life.

I have been painting Abstract Art since I obtained my MA in Fine Arts in 2004. But I have loved and leaned towards abstract ever since I can remember. 

I explore surface in search of colour, line, gesture and motion. I have an open, dynamic practice, which doesn't have a formula; it's all about experimenting and looking for interesting solutions. My colour-fields evolve through a messy process of creating marks, traces and overpainted surfaces. Painting is like stepping into the 'unknown' to discover something new that I cannot plan beforehand. Every time I stand before canvas I intuitively look for those mysterious connections between all elements. Layers and marks become a 'map of life'  - a record of my feelings and experiences that emerge during the creative process. Deliberate and incidental mark-making is an integral part of my practice. Each piece builds up its own history. 

Incidents and intentional actions lead me forward to discover the beauty of basic elements of art: colour, shape, texture, line - which, to me, are rightful qualities of image.

I like the idea of elements that govern the Universe;  multilayered parallel worlds that may exist simultaneously. And so my vision of Cosmos, including Sky-scape, has always been a great source of inspiration for me. Not only because its beauty of colour and form, but also because of its thrilling intensity and mystery. When I paint I have similar feeling of infinity, mystery and surprise,  it's an exciting  journey into the unknown.  

I love to paint my own image of Habitable Planets, I give my paintings names of actual planets discovered far beyond our solar system and beyond our reach. As I paint, I imagine and capture the character of such a place, its atmosphere and mood, as if I were there at the very process of creation. Elements, galaxies and microorganisms present in my work are a materially and spiritually evolving Universe. 

This subject matter is for me very personal, as today we live in a world of wars, where human energy is consumed by global conflicts. What if tomorrow can be different and bring a new perspective?



Anna graduated from Institute of Art Education in University of Czestochowa, Poland, where in 2004 she received Masters of Fine Arts in Painting and Teaching Art with distinction. She also holds a professional diploma in Piano Performance from Royal Irish Academy of Music (L.R.I.A.M). In 2015/2016 she was shortlisted for the Winner Prize Award in RUA RED Winter Open Show in Dublin, and her works can be found in private collections in Ireland, the UK, Poland, USA, as well as in OPW state collection in Ireland (Office of Public Works). Since 2000 Anna was an author of numerous solo and group exhibitions, as well as part of curated shows in Ireland and Poland. In 2018 Anna was an Artist in Residence in Cill Rialaig Artist Retreat;  since 2018 she is a member of Visual Artists Ireland. In 2019 Anna was awarded Studio Residency in Draiocht Arts Centre, Dublin, Blanchardstown. 

Selected exhibitions:

2004 - Gaude Mater Gallery in Czestochowa, Poland - Group Show;

2005 - The Arts Centre in Środa Śląska, Poland - Solo Show;

2006 - The Arts Centre Anima, Wrocław, Poland - Solo Show;

2011 - Gallery of Baldoyle Library, Dublin - Solo Show;

2014 - Polish House, Dublin, Ireland - Solo Show;

2014 - National Library of Ireland, Dublin - Solo Show;

2014 - IPS Irish Polish Society Annual Art Exhibition, Dublin - Group Show;

2014 - Culture Night with Irish Polish Society, Dublin - Group Show;

2015 - Inspire Galerie, Resident Collection, Dublin - Group Show and gallery representation;

2015 - The Doorway Gallery, Dublin - Group Summer Show;

2015 - Artlink - Group Exhibition in Museum Fort Dunree, Donegal;

2015 - RUA RED Open Winter Group Show - shortlisted for the Winner Prize Award - Dublin; 

2015 - The Doorway Gallery, Dublin - Winter Group Show and gallery representation; 

2016 - 'Art at' the House Restaurant, Howth, Dublin - Group Show;

2016 - Sligo Arts Festival CAIRDE - Hyde Bridge Gallery, Sligo - Group Show;

2016 - Artlink - Group Exhibition in Museum Fort Dunree, Donegal;

2016 - Culture Night with Irish Polish Society, Dublin - Group Show;

2016 - 'Two Rooms' Inspire Galerie, Dublin - Two Person Show;

2017 -  Solas Art Gallery, Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim - Solo Show;

2017 -  '8 Women' Konduktorownia Gallery - Czestochowa, Poland - Invited Artists Show;

2017 - Sligo Arts Festival CAIRDE - The Model Gallery - Sligo - Curated  Exhibition;

2017 - Boyle Arts Festival - Open Exhibition Group Show

2017 - Shorelines Arts Festival in Portumna, Co.Galway - Invited Artists Show;

2017 - '9 Walls' The Hyde Bridge Gallery - Sligo - 9 Artists Show;

2017 - 'Art at' the House Restaurant - Howth, Dublin - Group Show;

2018 - Ranelagh Arts - Dublin - Solo Show;

2018 - Cairde Festival - Sligo - Curated Group Show;

2018 - 'Art at' the House Restaurant -Howth, Dublin - Solo Show;

2018 - Czestochowa City Gallery, Poland -'Independence of Art'- Invited Artists Show;

2018 - Hambly & Hambly Gallery - Dunbar House - Enniskillen - Group Show;

2018/19 - The Hyde Bridge Gallery - 'RÚN  Project' - Sligo -  Group Show;

2018/19 -  'Art at' the House - Howth, Dublin - Group Show;

2019 - Hambly & Hambly Gallery - Dunbar House - Enniskillen - Group Show;

2019 - Artist Studio Residency - Draiocht - Dublin;

2019 - Platform - Group Show - Draiocht Arts Centre, Blanchardstown, Dublin

2019 - Hambly & Hambly Gallery - Dunbar House - Enniskillen - Summer Group Show;

2019 - Cairde Festival - Sligo - Curated Group Show;


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